Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Guys With Kids

Premise: It’s really what it sounds like from the title. It’s about three friends and their experiences raising their children. One is single, one is a stay-at-home dad and the other works while his wife stays home.

Initial Thoughts: This is not my type of show at all, and the promos did nothing to convince me that it would be something I would like. The plot seems outdated and I didn’t have high hopes for this show at all.

Series Premiere: 9/12/12 (preview), 9/26/12 (timeslot premiere)

Timeslot Competition: The Neighbors (ABC), Survivor (CBS), The X-Factor (FOX), Arrow (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: My expectations were about right. I really didn’t enjoy the show at all. Yes, guys in many different circumstances are parents. This is not a unique concept and a really weak premise for a television show. It was unoriginal, unfunny, and honestly, kind of uninteresting. I didn’t really find the friendship between the three guys compelling, although their separate relationships could become interesting if they gave them some depth.

This definitely isn’t a show for me, so I won’t be continuing with it. I can see things that could potentially be interesting. I would like Gary and Emily to be friends and for their kids to have playdates so they could have some adult company while staying home with the kids. It’s probably a stretch to think that this would happen, but looking that the differences in relationship dynamics between Gary and Marny and Nick and Emily could end up being an interesting commentary of gender dynamics in a marriage. Unfortunatly, I don’t have a whole lot of hope of the show moving in that direction.

Predictions: Ratings for the first episode weren’t great. With a two-week gap between the pilot and the second episode, I don’t expect much better from the next episode. Once the other network shows come back and give Guys With Kids some competition, I can’t see the ratings holding up.

I don’t think this show will get a back-9 order or a second season. At this point, I don’t expect all of the initial 13-episode order to be completed, at least not in its intended time slot.


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