Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Partners

Premise: Joe and Louis have been best friends their whole lives, despite their differences. Their respective fiancee and boyfriend must learn that Joe and Louis come as a set while Joe and Louis must adjust to their new relationships with other people while still maintaining their bond.

Initial Thoughts: I thought it could be good. It was made by the creators of Will and Grace, which is fairly well loved and was very successful. The promos looked like the show could be heartwarming and at least slightly entertaining.

Series Premiere: 9/24/12

Timeslot Competition: Dancing with the Stars (ABC), Bones (FOX), The Voice (NBC), 90210 (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: This show was a let-down for me. First of all, I’m pretty sure I’d seen about half the episode in promos, although this tends to be a problem with sitcom promos in general.

Second, it just wasn’t funny. The “heart-on”/hard-on joke fell really flat but then they tried to bring it back at the end and it was even worse. I’m pretty sure it was one of the worst “jokes” I’ve heard in a while.

Finally, it felt old. It definitely felt like Will and Grace. Joe and Louis’s relationship is a lot like Will and Grace’s relationship and there are definite similarities between Joe and Will and Louis and Jack. Unfortunately, none of the characters were quite as charming and they were missing a Karen to balance them out. As a whole, the dynamics of both the couples and the whole group weren’t quite right, although that would be likely to settle out as the show progressed.

Predictions: It didn’t have a good premiere at all, especially given the fact that CBS has a lot of comedies that tend to perform well. I also haven’t heard a lot of positive buzz about the show, so I don’t necessarily expect it to improve at all. The Voice has been doing extremely well this season and while Dancing with the Stars isn’t as strong as usual, it still gets decent ratings, making the time slot extremely competitive. The show isn’t compelling enough to convince you to stay on CBS between How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls, not with such a variety of other options available.

I don’t expect this show to stay on the air in it’s current timeslot. Episodes will likely be burned off on a weekend when a rerun normally would have aired and it won’t be renewed for a season 2.


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