Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Ben and Kate

Premise: Ben is a fun-loving dreamer while his sister Kate is a cautious single mother. Ben decides to move in with Kate to help her raise her daughter and bring some fun into her life while Kate hopes to bring some responsibility to Ben’s life.

Initial Thoughts: To be honest, this show kind of sounded like the movie The Ugly Truth, but with siblings instead of love interests. It wasn’t a concept that really appealed to me.

Series Premiere: 9/25/12

Timeslot Competition: Dancing with the Stars results (ABC), NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), 90210 (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: I enjoyed this show more than I was expecting. The relationship between Ben and Kate was so much more genuine than I expected and much less condescending. They are very different people, but they really love each other and would do anything for each other. Ben and his niece were also really sweet in their scenes together and I think the 3 of them will carry the show well.

I didn’t really like Kate’s friend BJ, which did make me not enjoy the show as much as I could have. That said, however, I feel like it’s the sort of show that will grow on people as they continue to watch it. It wasn’t the strongest pilot episode of the season, in my opinion. but it should be a really good family show and it will probably pair well with Raising Hope. It’s still probably not the show for me, but I think it will be well-received by others.

Predictions: This show didn’t premiere as strongly as I expected. I may have underestimated the draw of its competitors. This is the first year that FOX has done a 2-hour comedy block on Tuesdays and it may have been a mistake, but only time will tell. The pilot has been online for about a month, although the same was true of the New Girl, which still had fantastic ratings for it’s pilot episode. FOX does have another sitcom that they held for midseason, so this one may stick with its original episode order and its hope for a second season may depend on the overall success of the comedy block. If it is a success, it has some hope of survival, especially if The Goodwin Games isn’t received well, but odds for long-term success don’t look great at the moment.


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