Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Last Resort

Premise: After questioning a military order, the USS Colorado is fired upon by a fellow miltary vessel. They are reported dead at the hands of another nation and war breaks loose. The crew of the Colorado take refuge on an island and declare that they will not take orders from a leader who would kill his own people and warning that they will use nuclear force if they or the other inhabitants of the island are put in danger.

Initial Thoughts: I was hesitant about this show. I wasn’t sure if I was going to love the topic, but I was excited about the fact that it is a heavily serialized show and I love TV that explores ethical dilemmas. I wasn’t sure if they would pull off the balance between the central conflict and the personal lives of the characters.

Series Premiere: 9/26/12

Timeslot Competition: The Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men (CBS), The X-Factor results (FOX), 30 Rock/Up All Night (NBC), The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: I loved the pilot. I was extremely engaged by the plot and the pacing of the show and I am fairly happy with the balance between giving us enough information to be interested and saving questions that will be answered later. Andre Braugher makes a fantastic lead and even after only seeing one episode, I care about what happens to these characters. I’m not quite sure where the show is intending to go from here, but I am anxiously awaiting next week’s episode.

I’m sure that the subplot with XO Kendal and his wife will not be overly well-received by some viewers, but I really enjoyed its inclusion. It gives the show, which is so heavily plot-driven, a lot of human connection, as does the story with Lt. Shepard and her father. It makes the characters real and gives them a life outside of the military.

I already love Lt. Shepard and the way she handles people who refuse to respect her abilities or recognize her authority as Lieutenant. Women on submarines are still very new, especially as officers, and so I would expect there to be some friction from the couple of people who don’t like that change. I thought the show did a really good job portraying that issue.

Predictions: Last Resort has an extremely difficult time spot. The Big Bang Theory is one of the best performing shows on television right now and so most things that go against it will have a difficult time. Unfortunately  it also doesn’t have very broad appeal as a show. It is the first of ABC’s dramas to premiere so there isn’t anything on the network to compare it to, although the ratings for the premiere weren’t very strong. I don’t have high hopes that it will last, although I would very much like it to.


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