Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Made In Jersey

Premise: A street-smart lawyer gets a job at a prestigious New York law firm. While her collegues are skeptical at her skill, she proves that she deserves to be there.

Initial Thoughts: This sounded really boring to me. Just based on the promos, I didn’t think I was going to like the main character and the concept just didn’t grab me.

Series Premiere: 9/28/12

Timeslot Competition: Primetime: What Would You Do (ABC), Fringe (FOX), Grimm (NBC), Nikita (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: The show is alright, although it didn’t feel like it belonged on CBS. It seems like it might be a better summer show on a cable network like USA. It was definitely more character-driven that some of CBS’s regular fare, but it lacked the depth of The Good Wife.

The pilot did a really good job of making me root for Martina. Essentially, Made In Jersey is the story of an underdog. Martina comes from a loving family but lacked some of the opportunities that others at her law firm had. She has to work twice as hard to prove to them that she is a good lawyer. That sort of story was echoed by her client, who got into a prestigious university on scholarship. Martina’s ability to emphathize with her client (seen best when she was talking about “resort hair”) made her very likable.

Predictions: Ratings for the show aren’t good, even for a Friday show. It was the lowest-rated show on CBS that night, which doesn’t bode well for the show. I don’t anticipate it staying on the schedule long, unless it is particularly inexpensive to make or CBS doesn’t have anything to fill its spot.  


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