Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Arrow

Premise: Arrow focuses on the origin story of the DC Comic character Green Arrow.

Initial Thoughts: The promos looked pretty good, although the premise didn’t particularly appeal to me.

Series Premiere: 10/10/12

Timeslot Competition: The Neighbors (ABC), Survivor (CBS), The X-Factor (FOX), Guys with Kids (NBC)

Post-show Thoughts: The pilot was actually very good. I liked the use of flashbacks and hope that continues – I would like to see more about how Oliver trained himself while he was stranded on the island. I thought it was a good combination of action scenes and personal relationship drama that should work well for the CW.

I’m still not overly interested in the premise, but I still enjoyed watching the pilot. Fans of this type of story should really enjoy the show.

Predictions: I think this show has a ton of potential for the CW. The ratings for the pilot were really good and while their shows have a tendency to plummet in the ratings later, I think this show can make it through the first season strong. It just needs to out-perform the other shows on the network and with the exception of The Vampire Diaries and maybe Supernatural, I think it will do that. This is definitely a step in the right direction for the network’s future and I expect it will live up to that, at least for a season.  


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