Fall 2012 Pilot Reviews: Beauty and the Beast

Premise: After her mother’s murder, Catherine Chandler is saved by a mysterious Beast. Years later, she meets this mystery man during a case she is working on and they connect.

Initial Thoughts: The promos for this show really didn’t look enjoyable at all to me. I expected very little from the show.

Series Premiere: 10/11/12

Timeslot Competition: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Person of Interest (CBS), Glee (FOX), The Office/Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Post-show Thoughts: It wasn’t as bad as the promos made it seem, but it just felt kind of boring to me. It lacked an energy that made me want to be invested in the characters and in their story. The pilot episode existed largely to set up the storyline, which is ok, because it means there is room to grow. There is a lot that needed to happen in order to move forward, and I think they did that even if it wasn’t very interesting.

I wasn’t at all invested in Catherine’s mother’s murder case. Unfortunately, Castle has set the bar really high on that particular plot line, and Beauty and the Beast lacked the necessary emotional punch. I felt more like that plot existed to bring Catherine and the Vincent together rather than to make me care about the murder. This would’t necessarily be a bad thing if the show just wanted to run with that point, but I feel like the quest for justice and answers suggests that they will do otherwise.

I am much more interested in Vincent’s backstory. I find the idea that he was created to be a monster incredibly interesting and I would love to hear more about that and how he coped with the change.

Predictions: I don’t think this show will be the CW’s new hit, although I’m hesitant to predict its future. It had a decent premiere, but the only network competition was the Vice Presidential Debate. If I had to guess, I’d say its future depends on how well the midseason shows do for the network and how much of a fresh start the network will want in the spring.   


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