2013 Television Wish List

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is filled with lots of happiness and lots of good television for you. Here are some things that I’d like to see happen with television this year on certain shows but also in the industry in general. What’s on your wish list for 2013?

Show-Specific Wishes

  • The Good Wife: More Diane – she’s my favorite character and I think she’s being underused. I’d also take more Cary, preferably working with Alicia or Diane. I’d like Alicia and Kalinda to continue repairing their friendship and to see more of Alicia’s friendship with Laura.
  • Revenge: I want to see Emily rely on Nolan and show him that she appreciates his friendship. Their friendship was my favorite part of the first season and it’s been lacking this season.
  • Castle: More scenes with Beckett and Lanie hanging out and drinking wine, please!
  • Chicago Fire: Move Severide’s story forward without endangering any of the characters (including Shay, even though the accident wasn’t his fault).
  • The Big Bang Theory: Characterizations have felt really off or one-dimensional this season. The season, for the most part, has felt off and I want the show and characters I love back.

General Wishes

  • Stable (at the higher end of their range) ratings for Chicago Fire. I want this show renewed!
  • For shows who are nearing the end of their run to make the decision to end early (like 30 Rock, The Office, and Private Practive have done) so that storylines can be wrapped up and a proper finale can be written.
  • For NBC to keep making smart comedies. Your attempts at broader comedy haven’t worked that well either, so just be patient and wait for another comedy hit. We need more shows like Parks and Rec and Community.
  • For CBS to improve their online streaming players or agree to have them shown through Hulu.
  • For FOX to recognize that putting shows online 8 days after airing isn’t making more people watch live. Dedicated fans of shows will watch live or DVR the show. They need to make their shows more available to casual fans and waiting 8 days before streaming means those fans will be behind for most of the season.
  • For all networks to continue this year’s trend of airing all ordered episodes of a show, even if they are at a different time.



2 thoughts on “2013 Television Wish List

  1. I always love reading people’s wish lists etc for TV shows! I don’t watch all of these but I definitely agree with you about Castle – I love Lanie and Beckett’s friendship and I wish they had more scenes together!

    I’m definitely thinking about picking up Chicago Fire as I keep meaning to watch it and then forgetting it’s on my to-watch list (oops haha)! I’ll have to find a way to watch online, and hopefully I’ll like it and be able to catch up before the end of the season 🙂

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