Midseason Pilot Review: Deception

Premise: When an infamous socialite is found dead, her best friend goes undercover to find the truth about her death.

Initial Thoughts: I was fairly ambivalent about this show. On one hand, the premise didn’t really grab my attention. It reminded me a little of Revenge, which I already watch and typically enjoy, but I didn’t really need another show like it. On the other hand, Victor Garber is in it and I really liked him when I watched Alias last year, so that made me a little more interested.

Series Premiere: 1/07/13

Timeslot Competition: Castle (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Post-show Thoughts: I’m still ambivalent. It wasn’t the best pilot I’ve ever seen – something about it just didn’t click for me. It still reminds me of Revenge, which is still working against it to some extent. I think there is an interesting story in the show, but I’m not convinced that this show will be able to tell it. This show has a very specific goal: uncover the truth behind Vivian’s death and unveil the Bowers’ secrets in the process. I’m afraid they will run into the same problem that I think Revenge is having right now. This isn’t the type of show that lends itself well to filler episodes and too many side plots, which is a problem when you have 22 episodes per season to fill. If the writers have a plan for a story arc that can span multiple seasons without getting bogged down by itself, then I think it could have some potential (which, according to interviews, they seem to). I think the first season will likely be interesting and the shortened episode count will work in its favor, although I’m not sure it’s a show I will want to initially invest my time in.

Predictions: It wasn’t an outstanding success, but I think there is potential for it. It premiered slightly higher than NBC’s current ratings average, so it will come down to how much it drops in future weeks. The first season is only 11 episodes and I am certain that they will all air, likely in their original timeslot, but NBC has a fairly steady group of dramas at the moment, so I’m guessing it’ll come down to what gaps need to be filled and whether or not Deception, Chicago Fire or the yet-to-premiere Hannibal fits their needs the best.


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