Episode of the Week: January 20th-26th

Show: Parenthood

Episode Title: Because You’re My Sister

This was a week filled with great episodes. From the fantastic pilot of The Following on Monday to another great episode of Parks and Recreation and a solid wrap-up for Last Resort on Thursday, choosing my personal favorite episode of the week was a little bit of a challenge. Ultimately, Parenthood’s season four finale was my favorite episode of the week. While it admittedly had an advantage due to the fact that it was a season finale, which tend to be stronger than an average episode, it was the perfect way to end its best season yet.

On an average week, Parenthood makes me cry at least once an episode. This was not an average week. Fortunately for the characters, however, all my tears were happy ones. Season four was emotionally trying for nearly all of its characters, which made their happy endings all the more satisfying.

Best moments: Of all of the strong storylines this season, Amber’s was my favorite. Seeing her grow into this beautifully strong, caring, and self-aware young women has been so incredibly rewarding as a viewer who loves to see more strong women on television. Her relationship with Ryan has been so touching and the two of them delivered my second favorite moments in the finale. Amber’s tear-filled declaration of love and hope that Ryan will be strong enough to support her and love her was perfectly acted by Mae Whitman.

My favorite moment in the episode, however, belonged to Victor and the extended Braverman clan. That scene showed exactly what this show is about – a loving, somewhat ridiculous, family that is always there for each other. Not only did Julia and Joel promise to love and take care of Victor, each member of the family promised to be his family as well. In a season full of amazing moments, that one may have been my favorite.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Every scene of Kristina’s dealing with her cancer, which is now in remission (yay!), Drew getting into his first choice of college and the excitement that followed, and Jasmine and Crosby’s announcement that they are having another baby.

What I didn’t love: I am holding off judgement about Sarah’s storyline until I see what they intend to do with it in season five. I would really love a storyline for her that doesn’t revolve around a guy, and there is the potential for that to happen next season so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Plus, I would like to keep Lauren Graham on the show, so I don’t love the prospect of Sarah moving to Minnesota with Hank.

So now, we start what will likely be a seven month wait for new episodes. Fortunately, it looks like season five is a sure thing (according to TV By The Numbers, TVLine, and Dax Shepard) so at least I won’t spend the next few months wondering if it will be renewed.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.


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