Midseason Pilot Review: Do Not Harm

Premise: In this modern version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jason Cole is a respected neurosurgeon during the day but at night, his alter ego Ian Price takes over. Ian has been suppressed for years until one day he emerges, angry at being restrained for so long, and determined to get revenge on Jason.

Initial Thoughts: I really like modern updates to classic books, so I thought this series had potential. However, dual personalities are really difficult to pull off well, so I was a little worried about the execution. I have lost some of my initial enthusiasm for the show as the premiere date got closer, but I don’t have a concrete reason why.

Series Premiere: 1/31/13

Timeslot Competition: Elementary (CBS), Scandal (ABC)

Post-show Thoughts: I don’t think this is something I’ll be watching. There were elements of the show that I thought could be potentially interesting in the future, particularly, the subplot with Olivia and Jason/Ian’s history. However, I wasn’t that interested in either Jason or Ian in the present day, so I got a little bored during some parts of the episode.

My biggest problem with the show (which is something that may be fixed as time goes on) is that I didn’t see enough of a difference between Jason and Ian. Ian is obviously more aggressive than Jason, but I would have liked to have seen more. So much of Jason’s personality is defined by Ian’s existance that it’s difficult to see him as a character of his own.

Predictions: Considering the fact that Do Not Harm received the lowest premiere ratings ever in the history of the big 4 networks, I am going to make the not-so-bold pronouncement that it will not be seeing a season two. Given the fact that nearly all shows see declines in ratings from the premiere, I would guess that the show will also be pulled off the air before airing all of its episodes. The 10:00 PM slot on Thursday has not been a successful one on NBC for years, but at this point, there would probably be little difference between airing Do Not Harm, Rock Center with Brian Williams (which has previously held the timeslot) or reruns.  


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