Episode of the Week: February 3-February 9

Show: How I Met Your Mother

Episode Title: P.S. I Love You

This was an incredibly difficult week to choose a favorite episode. Two shows delivered episodes that were among the best of the season and I have been going back and forth about which one to feature all week. While this week’s Castle episodes was a great example of the show at its best, I ultimately decided to go with this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother as my personal episode of the week.

Few people would disagree that How I Met Your Mother hasn’t been at its best this season. For me, much of the season just hasn’t felt like the show I love although I can’t quite put my finger on why. This week’s episode was the first episode this season that made me remember all the things I love about this show. I’m always happy for a Robin Sparkles appearance, but more than that, the dynamic between the characters felt right again.

Best moments: It’s Robin Sparkles 4, y’all! I loved the Behind The Music styled show and the music video a ridiculous amount. Not only were those entertaining in their own right, but the gang’s reaction to them was great as well. If I found out that one of my friends had secretly been a famous teen pop star , I would probably react the same way these guys do whenever I found more footage from their past.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: The repetitive nature of Ted’s stalker girlfriend and the way it kept escalating was done really well. It was one of those running gags that got more ridiculous as it went on and that’s something How I Met Your Mother does really well. While this one was only used over the course of an episode, it’s the same concept that makes Robin Sparkles and the Slap Bet so entertaining to watch.

What I didn’t love: Nothing, I was really happy with things this week. It was funny, which is what I want most out of this show.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.   


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