My Most Remembered Relationship Moments on Television

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I wanted to celebrate the day here at TVexamined by sharing a few of my most memorable love or relationship related moments from television. Some of these moments represent new beginnings in relationships, some show the foundation of what will eventually become a relationship, and some are wistful and represent those relationships we can’t have. Whatever it represents, these are the moments that stuck with me long after the episode was over.

Dr. Cox’s views on love (Scrubs) This really doesn’t fit into any of the above mentioned categories, but it’s always been a quote that has stuck with me.

Topanga is in love with Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World) I am nearly certain that this was the first television quote I ever memorized and it still brings tears to my eyes to this day.

You’re a hell of a woman (Buffy/Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) The relationship between Buffy and Spike is not one that could ever have a happily ever after. In this moment, however, I believed that they could. Spike saw who Buffy was a person at a time when she couldn’t remember it herself. He saw her strength, both physical and mental, and loved her for it.

I wish I had an answer for that, love (Cal/Gillian, Lie to Me) I couldn’t find a clip of the actual scene, so an edited video with dialogue will have to do. It’s a conversation between Cal and his daughter Emily, where she asks him if he loves Gillian and why he hasn’t done anything about it. From very early on in the show, it was fairly obvious that Cal thought the world of Gillian but never felt like he was good for her. This scene (the final one of the show, unfortunately) showed Cal wishing he could take that risk.

I couldn’t do it (Grissom/Sara, CSI) Once again, this is a very wistful scene. As a bit of background, the case that the team was working on was one in which a young woman was killed who bore a striking resemblance to Sara Sidle and who was later revealed to have been in a relationship with an older man at work. The case rattles Grissom because it reminds him so much of his potential relationship with Sara, as is seen in his discussion with the killer. This was the first time Grissom had ever come close to admitting that he had feelings for Sara, which was simultaneously exciting and heartbreaking since he said he couldn’t take a risk with her. He changed his mind later.

Will you just stand still? (Luke/Lorelai, Gilmore Girls) This is one of my favorite first kisses on television. From Luke’s frustration to naked Kurt interrupting them, this is what Gilmore Girls is at its best. The role-reversal and shift in the feel of the scene between the first and second kiss is just perfect to me.

Ben proposing to Leslie (Parks and Recreation) I don’t think any single moment of television will ever make me happier than this moment did. The fact that he re-used the Knope 2012/Ben’s going to Washington box is beautiful and Amy Poehler and Adam Scott just acted the hell out of this scene.

You were a mystery I was never gonna solve (Castle/Beckett) They weren’t dating yet but the depth of Castle’s love and admiration for Beckett in this scene shows why they were going to make a fantastic couple. He is completely emotionally open in this scene and even though Beckett wasn’t quite ready for that yet, it should what could be in the future.

You just threw your beeper in the Pacific (Sydney/Vaughn, Alias) If you can’t tell by now, I really love “I see you for who you really are” scenes. Vaughn telling Sydney that he was always there for her and that hand touch at the end made me fall in love with the idea of these two as a couple.

– Unfinished Business a.k.a Utter Heartbreak (Kara/Lee, Battlestar Galactica) This scene and the episode it is a part of is incredibly sad for the 4 people involved but it shows Kara and Lee’s bond at its best and worst. Unlike other couples on this list that finally decided they could take the emotional risk and be together, they tried until Kara got scared and this was the resolution of the months-long fight that ensued. No matter how much they hurt each other emotionally (and physically in this case), they need to be in each others lives at least as friends. It’s probably not one that makes a lot of sense out of context, but it’s one of my moments that stands out the most to me looking back at the show as a whole.

What are your favorite or most remembered relationship moments on television?


2 thoughts on “My Most Remembered Relationship Moments on Television

  1. Everything about this is perfect. The Boy Meets World scene still makes me cry, and I LOVED your thoughts on Castle, Parks and Rec, and Alias. Those are some of my favorite relationship moments ever too.

    I think if I had to make a list, my choices would look something like this:

    Castle showing up with every kind of food for Beckett at the end of Sucker Punch and her confession that she’s gotten used to him pulling her pigtails.

    Snow and Charming celebrating the fact that they were going to (someday) have a child.

    Ben’s proposal to Leslie…and also “I love you and I like you.”

    Vaughn showing up at the train station in the S1 finale of Alias.

    Jim and Pam finding out that they’re going to have a baby.

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