Episode of the Week: February 10-February 16

Show: Castle

Episode Title: Reality Star Struck

Once again, there were multiple shows who could have taken home the title of “best episode of the week”. Elementary delivered one of its strongest episodes yet and set up a course for the future. Parks and Recreation was fantastic, as always, and gave everyone something to look forward to next Thursday at 8:30. However, this week’s honor goes to Castle, not just for its guest star, but for blending a fun case with progress in Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

If there’s one thing I can be reasonably assured of as a Castle fan, it’s the fact that their episodes during sweeps are going to be fantastic. This episode was the perfect break between the more serious episodes surrounding it and was overall a fun, well-done episode of television.

Best moments: Castle and Beckett’s Valentine’s Day gifts to each other. Castle accidentally putting the earrings in the wrong jacket and the subsequent attacks to get it back were hilarious. It managed to stay funny throughout the episode, despite the very real consequences that could have arisen if Castle had mentioned in his note that they were for Beckett. I also really loved Beckett’s gift to Castle. I loved Castle’s confused expression when searching for the gift and I loved the look on his face when Beckett told him that the drawer was the present. I’m glad that Beckett knows she wants Castle in her life permanently and that she’s willing to show him that. She looked so happy while she was giving him the present, and really, that’s all I want is for her to be happy.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Captain Gates being a huge fan of Real Housewives of Wall Street. Penny Jerald Johnson played every scene with the perfect level of excitement and it did so much to humanize Gates. This show does a really good job of recognizing that there are a lot of people that avidly follow TV shows and know way more information about them than the average viewer, but it never mocks them. While Beckett didn’t understand the appeal, Castle ended up marathoning the show and then excitedly talking about it with Gates. As an enthusiastic fan, I love the way this show deals with that topic.

What I didn’t love: I would have liked more of Gina Torres, although I’m not sure how you could have fit it into the episode. Some Firefly references would have been fun too, although not at all necessary to the plot.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.   


One thought on “Episode of the Week: February 10-February 16

  1. I’m so late to this, but I very much approve of this choice! 😉

    I agree with everything you had to say about this episode. I loved the way Beckett’s happiness at giving Castle a permanent physical place in her home seemed to radiate from her. She’s allowing herself to be completely happy with him and to completely commit to him, and that’s all I could have hoped for from their relationship.

    I also love what you said about Castle never looking down at fans and avid TV watchers. It treats passionate fans with respect and gives us characters to relate to, characters like us. Nobody does fandom/fan-themed storylines better than this show because it does it with respect.

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