Midseason Pilot Reviews: Cult

Premise: After his brother disappears, Jeff begins to look into the world of the television show Cult and its obsessive followers with the help of one of Cult’s crew members.

Initial Thoughts: This was another one of the 3 shows I have been excited about since upfronts last May. Cults plus a television show and the promise of lots of meta is definitely the sort of thing I am interested in

Series Premiere: 2/19/13

Timeslot Competition: NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), New Girl/The Mindy Project (FOX), Go On/The New Normal (NBC), The Taste/Dancing with the Stars results (ABC)

Post-show Thoughts: I am intrigued but also underwhelmed. I really wanted to instantly love this show and I’m definitely not at the stage yet. I feel like my engagement in the episode kept increasing as the hour went on, which is definitely promising. I do really like Skye (also if someone wants to hire me for her job, that’d be great) and I like the potential dynamic between her and Jeff.

Mostly, it just felt kind of messy to me. There were some definite “omg look at this evil person who will be doing evil things in the future” moments, which I don’t tend to love. Not that it stops me from watching a show, Merlin was guilty of the same thing and it didn’t hamper my enjoyment, but I would like less of that in upcoming episodes.

Predictions: Unfortunately, its premiere ratings were low. At the moment, the CW has 6 shows that have not yet been renewed. In order to air new shows next fall, 2-3 of these shows will have to be canceled. Of those 6 shows, 3 of them (Hart of Dixie, The Carrie Diaries, and Beauty and the Beast) have similar 18-49 ratings, typically ranging between a .4 and a .7. Nikita currently seems to have the potential for syndication working in favor for renewal and 90210’s renewal at this point is entirely dependent on whether or not Mark Pedowitz wants to give it a final season, like the network did for One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. Taking all this into considering, unless Cult manages to double its 18-49 rating and maintain that rating, odds of renewal are incredibly slim.  


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