Episode of the Week: February 24-March 2

Show: Castle

Episode Title: Hunt

This week in television, a new squintern was introduced on Bones, what will likely (and unfortunately) be the final episode of Bunheads was aired, Barney’s playbook was destroyed on How I Met Your Mother, Emma eluded capture once again on The Following, Castle saved his daughter with the help of his father, Mr. K became Mary Poppins on Go On, Schmidt and Nick celebrated their 10th anniversary as roommates, Leslie Shay joined Ann Perkins on the list of characters on NBC who want to have a baby on their own, and Blake Shelton turned out to be Reba’s brother on Malibu Country. While there were many good moments on many of my shows, Castle easily won the title of episode of the week for me.

This two-part episode was probably my favorite in Castle history. A bad green-screen moment early in the episode aside, the cinematography in this episode was stunning. The real highlight of the episode (and the first part as well) was Nathan Fillion’s acting. He delivered one of the best performances of his career, in my opinion. The episode was tense, action-packed, and emotional, and finally gave us a little more background on Castle as a character.

Best moments: Castle and his father’s plot to free Alexis. Everything about this set of scenes really worked beautifully. I love the way the storytelling unfolded. I like that they chose not to let us know that it was always in the plan for Castle to be captured because it made his father’s entrance even more powerful. The music during the rescue added so much, especially as Castle and Alexis were running toward the embassy.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Esposito and Beckett’s conversation. I really adore the friendship these two share and I love it when Esposito is able to tell Beckett exactly what she needs to hear and support her.

The reunion between Castle, Alexis, Martha, and Beckett at the end. They were all a family and it was beautiful.

What I didn’t love: Other than the previously-mentioned green-screen problem, I didn’t have any complaints about this episode.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.


One thought on “Episode of the Week: February 24-March 2

  1. I don’t think I need to tell you that this would be my pick for favorite episode of the week, too. You have great taste, my dear. 😉

    I loved the music in the moments when Castle and Alexis were running to the embassy. It felt like a movie. And I absolutely adore moments between Esposito and Beckett, so their scene together was another one of my favorites.

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