Midseason Pilot Reviews: Red Widow

Premise: After the death of her husband, Marta Walraven must continue his work with the mob in order to protect her family.

Initial Thoughts: Like I said earlier in the season with The Mob Doctor, mob-related stories just don’t grab my attention. That being said, the premise of this show doesn’t sound entirely uninteresting, just probably not something I’m going to want to watch.

Series Premiere: 3/3/13

Timeslot Competition: Celebrity Apprentice (NBC), The Mentalist (CBS)

Post-show Thoughts: I actually liked the pilot much more than I had anticipated. The mob things still don’t particularly interest me, but I did really like the Walraven family’s dynamic. Of course, now that Evan is dead, much of what I liked about the pilot won’t be a part of the rest of the season. I liked that Evan married into this family and was still a little conflicted about the decision. I believed he really did just want to protect his family however possible.

I liked Marta’s initial drive to keep the kids away from the mob business to keep them from having the same life she did, but at the same time, I found her really naïve for someone who supposedly grew up around this business. I can see how it would work better for the plot to have her start out naïve and then turn into a formidable opponent for Schiller or her family, depending on how they want the show to go, but it was a little too unbelievable for me.

Overall, it’s not a horrible show and I did like it much better than The Mob Doctor, but I don’t think it’s something I’m motivated to keep up with.

Predictions: This show won’t be getting a season two. Premiere ratings were pretty low and Sunday nights at 10 P.M. Have been a tough spot for the ABC. There are only 6 more episodes left in the order, so I do think they’ll show them all unless it takes a sharp nose dive. ABC already pulled Zero Hour off the air in favor of reruns and I don’t think they’ll want to lose a second spot to reruns unless ratings get really bad.  



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