Episode of the Week: March 10 – March 16

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Episode Title: The Closet Reconfiguration

This week in television, Snow discovered her dark side on Once Upon A Time, Jack found out that Emily knew Amanda more than she had been letting on on Revenge, Mike got hurt on The Following, Walt got a little closer to accepting who he is with the help of his new friend Donna on The Carrie Diaries, Howard continued to grow as a character on The Big Bang Theory, we learned that Chang is faking his amnesia on Community, Glee tackled the boy band feud of the 90s, there was the best group sing-a-long of Time After Time on Parks and Rec, and Joan is now officially a consulting detective on Elementary.

The theme of this week was character development. On the majority of my shows, at least one of the characters became more three-dimensional or complex. As a result, it was a pretty good week of TV overall, even if a lot of my shows were on hiatus. This week, I chose The Big Bang Theory for my episode of the week because it successfully blended Sheldon’s quirks with actual heart.

This season of The Big Bang Theory has been its best yet in the ratings. It’s the best performing non-sports show on television and should be recognized for the records it has broken this year. That being said, it hasn’t been my favorite season. Sheldon in particular has been very inconsistent and it has felt like it is lacking somehow. This episode brought back what I like about the show. It’s a group of people, each with their own quirks and problems, that do actually care about each other despite the fact that it is rarely shown.

Best moments: The group telling Howard what was in the card from his dad. This scene was really well done. I can understand why Howard was conflicted about knowing what was in the card, and for once, the group came up with a good solution. With the exception of Sheldon (and possibly Penny), the story that each person came up with were comforting enough that just knowing that one of them was true was enough for Howard. Of all the characters on the show, he’s the one who has grown the most since the start of the show and Simon Helberg really showed that he is capable of giving strong dramatic moments in addition to his comedic ones.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Sheldon’s excitement about organizing the closets. This is the Sheldon quirkiness that I like. He’s not being a jerk to every one else and it highlights his focus.

What I didn’t love: Can we stop turning the fact that Raj has stereotypically feminine interests into a punch line? It’s gotten really bad this season and it needs to stop. The fact that he likes party planning and gets excited about the magic of prom do not make him any less of a man.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.   


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