Episode of the Week: March 17 – March 23

Show: New Girl

Episode Title: Quick Hardening Caulk

This week in television, we saw Storybrooke immediately after the curse on Once Upon a Time, someone from Emily’s past returned on Revenge, Carrie celebrated her birthday on The Carrie Diaries, an urban legend (almost) came to life on Castle, Jess was sexually attracted to Nick on New Girl, we learned that Mr. K had almost been a child star on Go On, Peter learned more about his father’s death on Chicago Fire, Glee was oddly literal during their performance of Creep, everyone continued to be creepy and ominous on Cult, and Malibu Country came to a close.

As is typical for episodes airing in March, many of this week’s episodes felt like filler or things that were required to set up the final plots of the season. Therefore, New Girl was my choice for episode of the week because the Nick/Jess A-plot was defintely not filler and it showed some great character development.

I have been extremely impressed with the way New Girl has handled Nick and Jess post-kiss. There is tension and they both figure out what they want and attempt to communicate that to the other all while trying to maintain some level of normalcy in the apartment.

Best moments: The kiss/fight at the end of the episode. It just fit them so well and let’s face it, it was just a hot set of kisses.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Nick at the hardware store and Jess getting more and more sexually frustrated at his innuendos. Nick being overly excited about laundry and taking vitamins. Basically, this was just a really good episode for Nick’s character growth and his scenes with Jess were all great.

What I didn’t love: Schmidt. I’m ready for Schmidt to do something in an episode that isn’t all about CeCe. I want them back together but I want there to be more to his character than his love for CeCe.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.



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