Finale Review: Malibu Country

There are still nine weeks left in the 2012-2013 television season, but finale season has already started and with it comes a new feature on TVexamined. Stick around for the next nine weeks as I write about the finales for all of my currently airing shows and talk about what I’d like to see next season.

Show Title: Malibu Country

Episode Title: All You Single Ladies

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, could either be renewed or canceled depending on ABC’s plans for Friday

Season Thoughts: I started watching this show because I really loved Reba’s first show It hasn’t quite lived up to my hopes for it, although it’s an enjoyable 30 minutes of television every week. Everything has been fairly stagnant this season and I haven’t seen a ton of character progression although I feel like everyone has settled in to their characters now. I like all four of the main adult characters, but I’m not wild about any of the kids. Overall, I’d say it was a decent first season.

Finale Thoughts: It was alright although not my favorite episode of the season. I did like Kim, Geoffrey, and Lillie Mae all helping Reba find a date because those three are hilarious together but most of the rest of the episode felt a little flat. The ending did give me hope about what this show could me in a couple seasons, although I’m not sure it’ll ever get that far.

Hopes for Season Two: I would like there to be one. It’s not one of my favorite shows, but I would still hate to see it go.

I would like less focus on the kids. I know they aren’t there that much and it would be unreasonable for them to just disappear, but I like the scenes with the adults so much better.

More scenes with Kim. She got way less screen time as the season went on and I missed seeing her. The show works best when there is a good contrast between Reba and another character and I missed the contrast she provided. Plus, I’m always for more examples of good female friendships on TV.  


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