Finale Review: The New Normal

Show Title: The New Normal

Episode Title: Finding Name-O/The Big Day

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, not likely to be renewed based on ratings

Season Thoughts: I did not expect to like this series at all although after the first episode, I was completely hooked. In my opinion, they show only continued to get better throughout the season. They stopped relying so heavily on Nana’s character for jokes about how bigoted she was and made the show about the family Bryan and David were creating with Shania, Goldie, and Rocky.

Finale Thoughts: While “Finding Name-O” is not technically part of the finale, since it did air on the same night as the actual finale, I am still going to count it. While I thought the premise was a little contrived (why were they making every single wedding decision in one day?), it still made me smile. I really loved Bryan and David dancing to “I Only Wanna Be With You” at the end and choosing their baby name together. They are so different and agree on very little but I love the moments when they can come together and actually agree on something. I thought their method of making wedding decisions was strange and it made me sad that it looked like it was going to be David’s wedding so I’m glad it seemed like they were going to be able to compromise a little more and make it a day full of things they both got to choose.

“The Big Day” was everything I could have wanted from the finale. I didn’t realize they were planning on fitting the birth and the wedding in one episode and while things did feel a little rushed, I’m happy with the way they turned out. I had been really concerned in the beginning that they were going to end up with a wedding that made everyone happy but them. Once Goldie’s water broke, it was clear that that wouldn’t happen. This episode really emphasized the idea of chosen families and in doing so, summed up the show. It is the new normal for us to find of a family of our own creation. That family will sometimes include our blood relatives and sometimes it won’t, but either way, it’s still real. I love the family that The New Normal has created and I’m glad to see them all get a happy ending.

Hopes for Season Two: I don’t honestly expect to get a season two, especially after seeing the finale. On the off chance that we do, I just want to see more of the characters that I have really grown to care about over the course of the season. 

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