Episode of the Week: March 31 – April 6

Show: Castle

Episode Title: The Lives of Others

This week in television, Diane proposed to Kurt and unfortunatly does not write The Vampire Diaries fanfiction on The Good Wife, Mouse and West were adorable on The Carrie Diaries, Castle celebrated its 100th episode with Richard Castle’s birthday, Bryan and David got married and Goldie gave birth in the season finale of The New Normal, George was the Decemberfold in Chatswin’s calendar on Suburgatory, Nick and Jess went on a date on New Girl, Abed met a girl on Community, Ben had kidney stones and attempted to feed a bronze eagle on Parks and Rec, and the creepy cop on Cult is apparently crazier than we had previously thought.

There were a lot of episodes that I really enjoyed this week. My love of the Royce’s on Suburgatory continued to grow, New Girl continued to do a great job with Nick and Jess’s relationship, The New Normal ended well, and Parks and Recreation was back. Despite how much I loved my sitcoms this week, my choice for the episode of the week was the truly entertaining 100th episode of Castle.

I started watching Castle between the 3rd and 4th seasons, thanks to a recommendation by Katie. I was hooked from the pilot and my love has only grown for it since then. Making to 100 episodes is such a big milestone and I loved what they chose to do with this episode.

Best moments: Everything with Castle and Beckett. They are without a doubt my second favorite relationship on TV. These characters have grown together to become friends and partners in every way and the dynamic they share was a focal point of this episode. Beckett was more physically affectionate with Castle than we’ve ever seen her and there isn’t anything better than seeing the joy in their eyes when they look at each other. I love how much thought went into Beckett’s present for Castle and how perfect it was for him. I loved seeing her with Alexis and his mom at the party because she has become a part of his family. I love Castle’s child-like nature (like when he was bored and wanted to know when Beckett was bringing him dinner) and his determination to solve the mystery despite the fact that everyone was acting like he was crazy.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Castle and Alexis spying on the neighbor together. Castle, Ryan, and Esposito running into the building to save Beckett, even though it was a set-up. Gates enjoying the opportunity to yell at Castle.

What I didn’t love: Nothing. This episode had the humor and the heart that I love about this show and it was the perfect way to celebrate 100 episodes.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Episode of the Week: March 31 – April 6

  1. I completely agree with your choice of this episode as the best of the week (although I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you at all). Castle has been such an important show for us as friends to talk about and bond over, so it always makes me smile to see the things you write about it. 🙂

    1. I think Castle is one of my favorite shows to write about although I didn’t realize it until recently. I watch a lot of shows right now but there are only a few that I feel really strongly about and this show is definitely one of them.

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