Finale Review: The Carrie Diaries

Episode Title: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, not likely to be renewed based on ratings

Season Thoughts: In just 13 episodes, I think I actually enjoy The Carrie Diaries more than Sex and the City. While the fact that I enjoy young Carrie more than older Carrie certainly has something to do with it, what I love the most about The Carrie Diaries is the self-discovery that has been a central theme of the show. There is an excitement (and a little bit of fear) that comes with growing up and figuring out who you are and who you want to be that is captured so well in this show.

Walt’s journey has been my favorite to watch throughout the season. His struggle to accept his sexuality has been done so well without ever feeling like it was written to only be a source of drama in his life. His friendship with each of the girls on the show (including Donna) has been one of the highlights of the show for me.

I also have really appreciated how positive the show has been about sexuality. I loved that Mouse told her boyfriend in college that he had no right to be upset with her sleeping with someone else while he expected her to be fine with him sleeping with another girl. I really loved that Donna was so blunt about needing to break up with Walt because she enjoyed sex and wanted a relationship that included sex and was never shamed for that. That episode did so much for Donna’s characterization. No longer was she just the mean girl who tried to steal people’s boyfriends. She was shown to be a compassionate, accepting friend to Walt and while she still isn’t the nicest person on the show, having Walt explicitly defend her to his friends was important.

Finale Thoughts: As a potential series finale, I am 80% happy with this episode. If it is just a season finale, that percentage should shoot up.

Walt’s storyline continued to be handled beautifully. It was so good to see him accepting himself and Bennett reciprocating feelings but not wanting to take advantage of him. I really wanted a happy ending for him.

I’m also really glad that Mouse and West got a happy ending. They both look so happy with each other and I’m glad their competition has mellowed. I want to see them push each other to be their best because they want each other to succeed not for one to succeed at the expense of the other.

On similar lines, Dorritt looked so happy in this episode and it’s a nice change from the beginning on the season. She’s healing in her own way and at her own pace and I’ve enjoyed watching the change.

I wasn’t quite thrilled with Carrie in this episode. Going into the episode, I was hoping that she would be able to work things out with Sebastian, although after the episode, I may be ok with her being single. Her figuring out who she is and what she wants from her future have always been my favorite parts of her storyline anyway.

I am really sad about Maggie and Carrie’s fight. I can see where Carrie’s frustrations came from but at the same time, I think Maggie got all of the anger that had built up from their entire friendship plus the anger at both her and Sebastian from this particular situation. Carrie may not have judged her out loud for creating drama but she certainly didn’t accept her fully for that either. Yes, Maggie screwed up. Yes, she has made some awful choices for herself. However, her past and apparent lack of belief that she will amount to anything by everyone around her has absolutely affected who she is and the choices she makes.

Hopes for Season Two: I really want one, although I don’t think we’re going to get one.

If we do, I want to see Carrie and Walt being adorable together in Larissa’s loft. They do have a really solid friendship and they make me happy.

I want Carrie and Maggie to make up or I want Maggie to find a new friend, because she really needs one right now.

I want more happy Mouse and West and I want Dorritt to continue to heal and be happy.



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