Finale Review: Go-On

Episode Title: Urn-ed Run

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, could go either way depending on how many comedy pilots NBC picks up

Season Thoughts: For the most part, I really enjoy this show. I love the episodes that focus more on the whole group and their interactions rather than predominately Ryan. However, I can’t say that I want the show to just be about the group because I really love Steven and Carrie. The show hasn’t quite gotten the balance between the two sets of people right yet, but it’s a first season and still figuring itself out.

It also hasn’t quite figured out how to fully use all the members of the group. Owen got some great development for a while then was largely put on the back burner, as did Danny. Even Anne got kind of forgotten while Simone was there though she’s been much more present in the last few episodes. I like all of the group members, I just want to see more of them.

Finale Thoughts: It was an okay finale. By the end, many of the characters had shown progress and it solidified their bond as friends so it worked well as a conclusion to the season. However, most of the episode felt unfocused. Rather than having Lauren decide that she is actually good at leading this group, why not have her accept that she’s not always great at her job although she does have her moments (like making Ryan realize he was overdoing things again in a way that Janie wouldn’t have wanted). This group has been together for a while now and what’s helped all of them out the most is their friendship with each other and it would have been nice to see that acknowledged. The diversion of Yolanda and Sonia making a fake problem for Lauren to solve just didn’t seem to fit with that idea.

There was also too much Mr. K. He can be really funny but he really is best in small doses.

I did like the flashbacks to Ryan’s wedding. I’d like to see more about his past with Janie if it can be worked into to the story well.

John Cho was completely perfect in this episode. He has wonderful comedic timing and his earnestly bad singing (especially the second time!) cracked me up.

Hopes for Season Two: I would like to see this show find its footing in season two. I don’t think it’s clear what the show wants to be yet. I’ll probably be happy with whatever it decides, since I’ve grown attached to the characters but I just want it to have an identity of some sort.

I need Steven to be more integrated into the group. He’s not a part of it, but he is a big part of Ryan’s life. All of his past interactions with the group have worked really well and I’d like more of it.

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, I’d like all of the group members to be better utilized.




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