Finale Review: Suburgatory

Episode Title: Apocalypse Meow/Stray Dogs

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, but probably will be

Season Thoughts: I haven’t enjoyed this season quite as much as I did the first, but I still really love it. Dallas continued to be my favorite character throughout the season and I’ve actually been pretty happy with the way they got her and George together. I missed the dynamic that Malik, Lisa, and Tessa had though. Her relationship with Ryan didn’t actually interest me all that much once they actually got together. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Noah’s love for Carmen. I know they can get more comedy out of Alan Tudyk, they just need some better material.

Going into the finale, I wasn’t really sure what to think about Dalia. I love the way Carly Chaikin delivers her lines and end up laughing about something Dalia has said in most episodes, but I didn’t love how confused I was about where her character was going all season.

Finale Thoughts: I wasn’t a fan of the final two episodes of the season. That being said, “Apocalypse Meow” did what a penultimate episode should, it set things up for the finale. Tessa’s anger at Dalia came to a boiling point in the episode and came to the attention of Dallas for the first time. I will admit, I’m largely uninterested in the Tessa-Dalia feud, partly because I’m not sure that my interpretation of Dalia as a character is at all what the creators had in mind, so I’m always worried that I’ll be disappointed if they go another direction. I also just haven’t found Tessa to be all that interesting this season. Therefore, the highlight of the feud subplot was Lisa’s very long scheme to become a notary public and forget to notarize an important document for Dalia. It was utterly ridiculous and completely perfect for someone who recorded a cassette tape of herself meowing popular songs. The feud came to a conclusion with a fairly interesting fight scene. Dalia’s monotone voice worked really well to add a little bit of comedy.

In the finale, Tessa is looking for a place to live after refusing to live in the same house as Dalia. She can’t find anyone to live with but in the end, is surprised by her mother who decided to move to Chatswin. I don’t love that Tessa and George are fighting (also way to make George a horrible parent) but I am interested to see more of her and her mom together.

I am not a fan of George and Dallas breaking up. It felt sudden and awkwardly done. They are two people who are not particularly compatible with each other but they did really like each other at one point and this episode was a bad end for them. It was just a bad episode for George all around and I am 100% not on board with the direction his character is taking.

Hopes for Season Three: I want to see more of Lisa and Malik back together because I missed them. Also, they are 2 out of 3 of the characters that I currently like on the show.

I want to see more of Tessa and her mom.

I want to see less of Sheila Shay. She really annoyed me in the last two episodes.

Noah’s love for Carmen needs to disappear and never be spoken of again.

Fix George. I don’t know what they did to him, but I don’t like it.

Speed up this plot with Dalia. Slow character development is fine, but not that slow.

I just want the show I really loved in the first season back. It would make me sad to give this show up, but I’m nearly at the stage where I don’t think I want to continue.   


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