Episode of the Week: April 14 – April 20

Show: Parks and Recreation

Episode Title: Article Two/Jerry’s Retirement

This week in television, it was Will, not Kurt, jeoprodizing Diane’s chance to be on the Illinois Supreme Court on The Good Wife, Beckett believed in everday occurances, Castle believed in the unexplained, and Alexis believed in people on Castle, the FBI finally got Joey back on The Following, this season of Suburgatory came to an unsatisfying close, Chris and Ann rekindled their romance and Jerry retired on Parks and Recreation, Pierce was not missed on Community, and Lea Michele and Idina Menzel reminded us all why they need to duet more on Glee.

This was an emotionally tiring week for America as well as my first week of full-time employment, so what I wanted most from my TV shows was an episode that made me smile and feel good. While Castle also brought some humor and touching moments, the clear choice for episode of the week came from Parks and Recreation, my ultimate feel-good show.

This show could air a new episode multiple times a week and I would never get tired of it. It consistantly makes me happy to watch because I love all of the characters and Pawnee so much. A double-dose of the show this week is just what I needed.

Best moments: In “Article Two”, my favorite moments had to be everything in Ben and Ann’s plot to find Leslie the perfect gift. From Donna’s incredulous tone when Ann didn’t know who Tyrion Lannister was to their decision to create Ben Week and Ann Week, everything made me smile. I would love to see Ben and Ann interact more in the future.

In “Jerry’s Retirement”, the breakfast scene at Jerry’s house easily wins. Jerry’s amazing home life will always make me smile and I love the message that it sends. Jerry knows that he wasn’t the best at his job but it was a job that let him spend time with his family, which was more important to him. It was such a contrast to Leslie in this episode and I love that Jerry was able to teach Leslie something. Plus, how great is it that the Gergich family sings a song about breakfast food every morning? I love this show’s obsession with breakfast.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Any mention of “Article Two” wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Patton Oswalt’s appearance. He played such a fun character and I’d love for him to guest star again.

“Jerry’s Retirement” gave us adorable Leslie and Ben kissing scenes when he talked about making her mac and cheese pizza and when she said she wanted to start a family. These two could honestly just sit and make adorably in love faces at each other and I’d watch and be happy.

What I didn’t love: I didn’t love the “new Jerry” bit in “Jerry’s Retirement”. It mostly seemed to exist so Jerry could be brought back whenever he was needed, so it took up episode time I would have rather have seen used differently.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.   


One thought on “Episode of the Week: April 14 – April 20

  1. I love when your pick for Episode of the Week and my pick for Best Thing On TV overlap! We have such good taste. 😉

    “This show could air a new episode multiple times a week and I would never get tired of it.”

    That’s how I know Parks and Rec is my favorite show on TV. I could seriously watch a new episode every day and be thrilled every day. It makes my week happier when I know I have a visit to Pawnee to look forward to on Thursday night.

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