Episode of the Week: April 21 – April 27

Show: Bones

Episode Title: The Pathos in the Pathogens

This week in television, Peter wanted Alicia to renew their vows on The Good Wife, Belle was turned into Lacey on Once Upon a Time, Beckett started to wonder where her and Castle’s relationship was going on Castle, Emma killed Jacob on The Following, Sheldon joined the ranks of people angry at SyFy for canceling their favorite shows on The Big Bang Theory, Leslie and Ron once again butted heads then shared a drink on Parks and Recreation, Jim Rash wrote the best episode of the season and showed off his fantastic Jeff impression on Community, Santana rediscovered her love for ballet on Glee, Will continued to struggle with the emotional weight of his extreme empathy in his line of work on Hannibal, and Sherlock didn’t want to celebrate his one-year sober anniversary on Elementary.

As the season draws to a close, most of my shows aired good episodes this week, which I loved. I could easily have chosen Community as the best episode of the week due to Jim Rash, Donald Glover, and Danny Pudi’s acting. Hannibal was another strong contender, thanks to a guest appearance by Gina Torres (Laurence Fishburne’s real-life wife) as well as an interesting case and more exploration of the developing dynamic between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. However, in the end, I chose this week’s episode of Bones because it touched on my favorite theme – the bond between chosen families like the one at the lab.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of Bones. I love the greater emphasis on the relationships between the characters and that was seen so clearly this week. What was happening to Arastoo deeply affected all of them and all of the actors did an outstanding job. Typically, I don’t tend to like penultimate episodes of a season, because they largely tend to be set-ups for the finale, but Bones showed that it doesn’t have to be that way and I applaud them for it.

Best moments: Every scene with Cam and Arastoo. I love for my television to make me emotionally connect with the characters and Tamara Taylor’s acting just broke my heart. It’s hard enough to deal with one of your employee’s getting sick as a result of their job, but it’s so much worse when that employee is also the person you love. She had to be strong in order to save him when she could have used a few minutes to fall apart. The way her voice broke when she asked how long he had left to live and again when she told the killer that she loved him made me feel so much for her.

Other stand-out moments in this episode: Brennan getting the killer to give up the anti-serum. She was so calm as she was injecting the guy with what he believed was the virus. Also, her final scene with Booth when she told him she would have used the actual virus if it had been available. She has come to care so much about her co-workers and it’s heart-warming to see. Not only would she have missed Arastoo, but she recognized how much it would have hurt Cam, which she didn’t want either.

Seeing the awe and love in Angela’s eyes when she told Hodgins that he saved Arastoo was also perfect. This job has been weighing on her so much this season and she’ll probably never understand why her husband and best friend love it as much as they do, but she loves that they have the knowledge to help save people once in a while, not just find killers.

What I didn’t love: I wasn’t nearly as interested in the parts of the episode where they were actually solving the case because I was more interested in the emotional story being told. However, solving the case was obviously important to the conclusion so I recognize that it was important to leave in.

What was your favorite episode of the week? Let me know what show and why in the comments below.   


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