Finale Review: The Good Wife

Episode Title: What’s in the Box?

Renewal Status: Renewed for season five

Season Thoughts: This season was a little rocky. I didn’t find the firm’s financial problems all that interesting, although I did love Nathan Lane. My largest problem with the beginning of the season, however, was Kalinda’s story line. There was absolutely nothing redeemable about Nick or his storyline and then they seemingly killed him off, never to be seen or heard from again. It was sloppy and did nothing but turn Kalinda into a nearly unrecognizable character. On the plus side, Kalinda and Alicia did sort of rekindle their friendship as a result.

I also really miss Alicia and Will’s relationship. I prefer them to Alicia and Peter romantically, but I’d even take their friendship back. This season (like Peter’s campaign) has also suffered from a lack of Eli. I don’t need him around all the time, but I would have liked to see more of him succeeding at him job rather than being under investigation.

I was also not entirely thrilled with the concept that Diane may have to give up her partnership with Will in order to be on the Illinois Supreme Court. Diane is one of my favorite characters of all time, and therefore, I think she should get to have everything she wants. I want her to marry Kurt and have political arguments with him for the rest of their lives, I want her to be on the Illinois Supreme Court and kick ass, and I want her and Will to be friends forever. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Basically, I felt like there was a lot of stuff that needed to be addressed going into the finale and I was unsure that they could address them all properly.

Finale Thoughts: It was an entertaining finale that did manage to wrap up some of the major plots of the season. Peter is officially governor although I still have some doubts about whether or not it was a legitimate win and Alicia decided to join Cary’s firm, officially separating her from Lockhart Gardiner (and presumably Will).

While I’m glad that they did wrap up these things, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about those things. I like that Peter won because it means that Diane will be nominated for the Illinois Supreme Court. I like that Alicia is going with Cary because that means he’ll probably get more screen time next season and I enjoy their dynamic. However, I don’t like that the show seems to be moving away from Lockhart Gardiner. As viewers, we’ve spent 4 seasons with the firm and I’m not sure how they’ll continue to incorporate those characters and their lives if Alicia isn’t there. I hate that Kalinda and Cary are fighting. I don’t love Kalinda as much as many other fans to, but I hate the way she has been treated this season. Between the awful plot with her husband and losing both Alicia and Cary, she has very few people left in her life to care about her and that just makes me sad.

I don’t love that Alicia has chosen Peter. I’m intrigued about what her new position of First Lady of Illinois will mean for her, but she just doesn’t seem happy with him. Granted, she hasn’t been happy with her relationship with Will either, but I’d be alright with her just being on her own for a while.

While it didn’t directly relate to the plot, I love the guest stars that were brought back for the episode. This show really does have some of the best returning guest stars on television right now and they all add so much personality to an episode.

Hopes for Season Five: I definitely want to see how Alicia handles her dual roles as First Lady of Illinois and partner in a start-up law firm. Both seem like they could require a lot of time and I’d like to see how the show balances between the two. The show has always been about Alicia, which for four seasons, has largely meant her professional career. Now, it looks like they are setting her up to be the titular Good Wife who forgives her husband after his early scandal and supports him during his time as governor. I hope it doesn’t impact her career, because I think that’s been a huge part of her development as a character. Fortunately, despite some mishaps at the beginning of this season, I largely trust that the writers are capable of handling the story.

I’d also like to see if Peter actually did legitimately win the election. I’m guessing that he did but I would like the confirmation.

I don’t expect it, but I would really like Cary, Alicia, and Kalinda to all be friends and be an awesome legal team together. I think the dynamic they all have with each other is so fascinating and I don’t like that the friendships have fractured between Kalinda and the other two.

I want Alicia to have that conversation with Will. She can’t committ to Peter while she has these feelings for Will and I just want some sort of closure between them as a viewer if they don’t intend for them to get back together. I don’t necessarily believe that they will never be together again but I just want them to talk about it like adults.  


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