Finale Review: Parks and Recreation

Episode Title: Are You Better Off?

Renewal Status: Not yet renewed, though will almost certainly be renewed for season six

Pre-finale Thoughts: It’s no secret that Parks and Recreation is my favorite show on television and very possibly my favorite show of all time. Therefore, it should come as no shock that I really loved this season. I loved the addition of Diane and her relationship with Ron, I loved the growth that April has shown throughout the season, I loved the way Tom has matured, and I really loved Leslie and Ben. This show just makes me feel good and happy.

This season has had some fantastic comedic moments. Leslie’s reaction to meeting Joe Biden, Ron, Chris, and Ben suffering from calzone-induced food poisoning, Ron eating a banana, and every single one of Adam Scott’s reaction faces have all been hilarious and moments I’ve definitely rewatched. This season has also had some of the most touching moments, the most notable examples of which were Ben’s proposal and Ben and Leslie’s wedding.

It did have a slight misstep with Ann’s sudden desire to have a baby. I’m still not sure where that came from and how we got from Ann wanting Chris to be a sperm donor to them raising a family together, but I do appreciate the plot for Ann.

Finale Thoughts: This isn’t the best season finale that Parks has done although that actually makes me happy because the finale was obviously setting up a lot for season six. I love that the creators and writers felt confident enough in their renewal status to not make a potential series finale.

I like that Leslie has improved things in Pawnee and I think I will like the committee that wants to get her out of office much better as villains than I liked Jamm. I’m disappointed that the whole town doesn’t love her as much as I do, but I like that she’s ready to fight for what she believes in.

It’s not a point that I bring up a lot, but I really love Andy. His enthusiam for things makes me so happy . The return of Burt Macklin is always a good thing but it was the way he was so happy to support April’s dreams that made me remember how much I adore him.

I’m glad Tom isn’t selling Rent-A-Swag and I’m excited to see that story progress next season. I’m guessing Dennis Feinstein is the buyer, any guesses from my readers?

Finally, RON IS (MOST LIKELY) GONNA BE A DAD! I did not know how badly I wanted to see that until this episode. Out of all the characters who could have been pregnant, I’m glad it’s Diane. I see so much potential in that storyline.

Hopes for Season Six: I’ll get my ridiculous hope out of the way first. Obviously, it’s not realistic, but if this show could have a 42 episode season and be on twice a week, I would be very happy. Unlike other shows with seasons that are too long, I would be happy watching this show every day. Even if nothing plot-wise happened in an episode, if you have the characters doing things to make me smile, I will watch it.

I would like to see less of Jamm and Mona-Lisa. I’m fine with them in tiny does, but not with the frequency that we’ve seen both of them this season.

Honestly, I am happy just seeing where the writers decide to take us. This show has only improved since the first season and I believe that they can keep up the quality.  


One thought on “Finale Review: Parks and Recreation

  1. All I can really say is your thoughts are my thoughts, my beautiful tropical fish. I love how similarly we see this show and are affected by its ability to make us smile. While this wasn’t my favorite Parks and Rec finale ever (or even my favorite episode of this season), I did like that it felt like a confident stride into a (hopefully!) sixth season.

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