Midseason Pilot Reviews: Family Tools

Premise: After his father has a heart-attack, an unsuccessful son comes home to run the family business and has difficulty adjusting.

Initial Thoughts: There really wasn’t anything about the plot that particularly interested me. I had actually forgotten that the show existed until I saw it premiered.

Series Premiere: 5/1/13

Timeslot Competition: Survivor (CBS), American Idol (FOX), repeats (NBC), Arrow (CW)

Post-show Thoughts: It wasn’t my least favorite pilot of the season, but it certainly wasn’t my favorite. If Mason didn’t exist, it would have been more enjoyable since his only role seemed to be to fill some sort of quirkiness quota shows feel they need now. I thought Stitch and Jack conspiring to drive Darren crazy was fun and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of their friendship or a possible romantic relationship.

I’m not a huge fan of Terry as a character. I know it was only the pilot, but have some sort of characterization beyond “overbearing, nagging sister” would have been great. Most of the other characters (except for Mason) got to hint at something more to their character, but she didn’t.

In the end, I liked it enough to potentially watch more episodes one day to see if my complaints have been resolved in later episodes but it’s not a huge priority given the length of my to-watch list.

Predictions: There’s no chance that this show will be renewed. First, it premiered within 2 weeks of upfronts. At the most, that means ABC will have 2 weeks worth of ratings data to judge the show by. It’s scheduling suggests that they really didn’t have much faith in it. Second, it had the weakest comedy premiere in ABC history. Unless it completely sinks, it could air all of its episodes though, since we are going into summer.  


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