Finale Review: Glee

Episode Title: All or Nothing

Renewal Status: Renewed for seasons five and six

Pre-finale Thoughts: This has been a mess of a season. I was actually optimistic after seeing the first couple episodes then everything became a disaster. I don’t feel like they split the time between New York and Lima well, then there was the completely random and somewhat out-of-place (though not entirely unwelcome) guest appearances by the older cast members. Through in some random plot devices for drama and you have this season of Glee. You had Tina’s weird crush on Blaine then everyone making fun of her weird crush on Blaine, Blaine’s crush on Sam, Kitty being awful to Marley (whose eating disorder vanished after Sectionals) then being easily forgiven, and a dance teacher who was only awful to Rachel because she believed she actually had a chance of succeeding and wanted to push her. Except for the time she slept with Rachel’s boyfriend, who was also a prostitute. Oh, and Brittany is a secret genius that can get into any college she wants, apparently.

On the plus side, I am loving Santana being in New York with Kurt and Rachel and I love Isabelle whenever she is on the show. I also really like the new kids, so I don’t mind the focus on them.

Finale Thoughts: It had some good moments and some not-so-good moments. Starting with the good things, yay McKinley High won! Though as my Glee-watching partner pointed out, they had to win or they couldn’t continue this year of high school in season 5. I really like competition episodes because the performances have always been my favorite part of Glee.

Emma and Will’s wedding was really cute. It was very them and I believe 100% that a wedding should reflect the couple.

The older lesbian couple was adorable. I am a sucker for a happy love story and their story was perfect.

Onto the bad. There was way too much Brittany in this episode for my personal taste. I miss the Brittany back in season 2 before she was a secret genius. Her hugging Santana and Sam was sweet though.

I am not a fan of the idea of Blaine proposing to Kurt. First of all, proposing is a bad way to get back together with someone and that is 99% of my problem with this plot. I know this show is ridiculous with it’s relationships but that is pushing it a little too far for me. Second, Blaine is not being personally oppressed by everyone telling him that he should wait a little longer to marry Kurt. Burt would love to see his son be married to Blaine (or the man of his choosing) one day. He doesn’t want it to be right now because they are too young. There is a distinction there that I feel like Blaine is missing right now and the conflation of the very real issue of discrimination against gay couples with the cautionary advice people are giving Blaine right now doesn’t make me very happy.

Hopes for Season Five: Cleaner storytelling. I’m fine with things not making a lot of sense – I’ve been watching the show for four seasons. I’m not fine with things being brought up to never be mentioned again or quickly dismissed (like Rachel’s pregnancy scare).  


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