Finale Review: Castle

Episode Title: Watershed

Renewal Status: Renewed for season six

Pre-finale Thoughts: This has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of Castle for me. While there have been some misses, this season has also had some particularly incredible episodes. I have been really happy with that they have done with Castle and Beckett’s relationship this season (with the exception of the events in The Squab and the Quail) and I feel hopeful that I will continue to be happy with the choices made for them. I liked that both Ryan and Esposito got an episode this season that allowed us to learn a little more about their past and I like the way Gates has started to become more of a part of the team.

Finale Thoughts: I think I missed something at some point in the last five seasons. Until the last episode, I have never gotten any sort of impression that Beckett wanted more than to be a homicide detective. She’s proud of the work she does and of the answers she can give to the families who have lost a loved one. She would be amazing at this new job but I was surprised she wanted it. Like she said in this episode, that precinct is her home and her co-workers are her family.

I do think Castle was right to be upset with her. I understand why Beckett didn’t tell him and I understand those walls, but I also know that they can’t be as fortified when you are in a relationship. Castle felt hurt and I don’t blame him.

I’m glad that they finally both got a chance to think about what they wanted and where this is going. They have been dancing around each other for five years now, they’ve just moved a little closer. Beckett needed to hear what Castle had to say on the swings and he’s going to need to hear what she has to tell him next season. Stana did a fantastic job portraying the heartbreak followed by an instant hardening so she wouldn’t fall apart when Beckett thought Castle was breaking up with her. Nathan followed it up with the look on his face when he proposed. Castle is terrified and still hurt but he knows he wants Beckett in his life, even with the walls.

Hopes for Season Six: Please don’t break them up or do something to seriously damage their relationship. I am so tired of couples getting together only to have something completely derail them.

I want Beckett to stay in New York. I want her with the people who love her and I want her to be confident that she is where she is supposed to be. She knows she’s good. She just needs to know that even though she isn’t solving national cases that affect the future of the country, she is making a difference through the cases she does solve.

I also wouldn’t say no to more of Lanie. Until we get this, this will always be one of my biggest hopes because I love Lanie and Beckett’s friendship and will always want more of it.  


2 thoughts on “Finale Review: Castle

  1. I have such complicated feelings about this episode, because while I did really enjoy some of it, other parts of it didn’t make sense to me or just felt off.

    Beckett going after the job offer did seem a little out of the blue, but to me I’ve always seen Beckett as a woman with a very strong drive, and while that didn’t necessarily seem ambitious throughout the rest of the series, it made sense to me that she would want to do something that in many people’s eyes is a step up from where she is now.

    I also agree that I thought that Castle had the right to be upset with Beckett, and I actually disagreed with what Martha seemed to be saying. I felt that Castle was more upset that she didn’t tell him, rather than being upset that she was thinking about taking the job. In my opinion he wasn’t making it about him, he was making it about them, because despite the fact that Beckett should never make this decision solely based upon Castle, he realistically will be a factor in her decision, and couples should deal with these things together. Her accepting that job would be a huge change in some way in his life too, and he deserved to at least know that she was considering it.

    What threw me off in this episode were two things – first, that both Beckett and Castle seemed so unsure of their future together. I feel like while some insecurities and uncertainty is something I expected, I also feel like these are two people who we’ve seen be in love with each other for so long, and take so much time to consider what this relationship would mean and what they mean to each other, that it seemed the uncertainty was out of proportion here. For me this relationship between Castle and Beckett seemed like an obviously very serious one from the beginning of their romantic relationship at the end of S4, and the fact that the two characters don’t appear to know that is very strange.

    As for my second problem, that proposal scene basically had the tone of a breakup scene until you got to the actual proposal line, and I didn’t like that. I feel like they’re not ready for a marriage when they’re both so uncertain of their future with the other person, and I also don’t like my proposal scenes to be ominous and sad and not happy in tone lol. So I kind of hope Beckett says no, they stay together but feel more confident in their future with each other, and then she proposes in S6 sometime. But I’m sure I’ll probably be wrong and either they’ll break up or they’ll be engaged at the start of S6 lol.

    But basically, yes, ITA with you re: Season Six stuff. If Beckett actually goes to DC I don’t know how they’re going to do the show because that messes up their whole format, not to mention does weird things with splitting up the cast. And no breakups please, I’m so tired of all my couples having drama and angst and breakups and GAH my tv shows lately are stressful ;P

    1. I agree with your frustrations about Castle and Beckett’s uncertainty about their future together. They have loved each other for a long time and they have done so many things that should have told the other that it wasn’t a casual fling.

      I didn’t like the tone of the proposal either. I wanted them to have a happy moment, not have Beckett be completely surprised because she thought he was breaking up with her. The timing was off. They were fighting and needed to have a serious discussion about who they were, what they needed from each other, and where they thought they could go from there. Proposing doesn’t solve the underlying problems that they need to talk about so badly.

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