Finale Review: How I Met Your Mother

Episode Title: Something New

Renewal Status: Renewed for a (final) season nine

Pre-finale Thoughts: I haven’t really enjoyed this season. There have definitely been episodes that I’ve liked, but as a whole, this season fell flat to me. At this point, the show is just dragging on and I think we are all ready to meet the mother and wrap the show up. It’s been eight years, it’s time to get to the story the audience really wants to hear.

Finale Thoughts: Like I was with the majority of the season, I was underwhelmed by the finale. My biggest complaint is that the stakes weren’t high. Ted isn’t moving to Chicago and Robin isn’t the one for him. Marshall will take that judgeship because if not, we’d effectively be saying goodbye to Marshall and Lily or committing to a time jump of a year and a week. It feels like the episode was just like the season, killing time until we finally met The Mother.

Thankfully, we did actually manage to see the woman Ted will end up marrying in the last shot of the episode, with her trademark yellow umbrella. I don’t know how exactly she’ll meet Ted, but we have seen her at least.

Hopes for Season Nine: My biggest hope is that the final season will be a lot better than this one has been. I want to leave the show after enjoying it, not after wishing it had ended earlier. I’ve waited through 8 seasons to met The Mother and I don’t want to be disappointed now that we will.   


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