Finale Review: Revenge

Episode Title: Truth

Renewal Status: Renewed for season three

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season hasn’t been nearly as good as the first, although it has improved in the past few episodes. There were a couple big problems this season.

First, the introduction of Aiden. I just cannot care about him at all and so his presence brought the season down for me. As a side note, there also was not enough Nolan. His friendship with Emily is one of my favorite parts of the series and it seems like the show kept trying to make Aiden fill the role instead.

Second, there was way too much focus on The Initiative. I think their role is interesting, but only as much as they relate to David Clark. I like conspiracy theories and shady organizations, but it wasn’t what I wanted from this show. I want to see how Emily gets her revenge on them and the Clarksons, not see what else they are still up to.

Finale Thoughts: What an eventful finale! It was definitely not lacking in the action or suspense  It’s a bit of a shame that it’s taken all season for an episode like this, but better late than never, I guess.

Conrad is more manipulative that I had previously given him credit for. I do feel like his fear of The Initiative earlier in the season was genuine, which makes his confession that he’s a part of the group a little strange, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m intrigued by how personally isolated he is at the moment while still maintaining control over his family. I’m looking forward to seeing how that storyline plays out next season.

I am not at all happy that The Initiative, in whatever form they happen to take, is framing Nolan. I don’t believe he’s guilty for a second. That said, this will just drive Emily more to take them down, so I can’t complain about that.

Jack has had a rough season. First his wife dies, then his brother, his friend is arrested as a terrorist, then his friend reveals that she’s actually the girl he’s been in love with since they were little kids. I hope he can get through this and join Emily’s team now that Nolan is in jail because they need each other more than ever now.

One thing I didn’t like in terms of the storytelling was Regina and Charlotte’s friendship. There was really no purpose than to add drama between Charlotte and Declan before he died and it was so out of the blue.

Hopes for Season Three: I want Emily’s mission to be more focused. I want her to get back to getting her revenge on key people that hurt her family or those she cares about. If Victoria ended up helping, I’d also be alright with that.

I want Charlotte to find out that Emily is actually her sister. She is going to need someone else to lean on and I like what little we’ve seen of them together.   


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