Finale Review: The Big Bang Theory

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season seven

Pre-finale Thoughts: This season has been hit or miss for me. I wasn’t at all happy with where Sheldon’s character seemed to be going at the beginning of the season but I’ve been much happier since the show returned from it’s winter hiatus.

I feel like the show has actually lost a little of its nerdiness as it has become more popular because we are focusing more on the characters and their lives rather than their work. I don’t necessarily mind, it’s just a shift for the show. 

Because it is such a character driven show, there wasn’t a lot I really wanted to wrap up in the finale. I just wanted to see how it set things up for next season. 

Finale Thoughts: I liked this episode. I am so incredibly happy with Penny and Leonard’s relationship right now. They handled the separation like adults and Penny supported Leonard because as she pointed out to Sheldon, that’s what girlfriend’s do. They have come a really long way from Leonard lusting over the pretty blonde girl across the hall and have grown into a real relationship. 

I think getting rid of Raj’s inability to talk to girls without the use of alcohol could mean interesting things for next season. He obviously wants to find the love and companionship that the rest of the group has and I would like for him to find it. From a casting perspective, I want them to be really careful because the current group has such a good dynamic, but it would be a good step forward for Raj’s character. I want him to either find someone or accept the fact that he’s currently single and be happy with that. 

Hopes for Season Seven: I’d like to continue the positive character growth that we got to see this season. They’ve all matured so much since season one and I would like that progression to continue.


5 thoughts on “Finale Review: The Big Bang Theory

  1. Completely agree with the loss of nerdiness, it is more social these days. I do miss it, so I hope they bring it back! As fr Raj, the development of his character is great! Season 7 could be interesting. I don’t know how they’ll sort the Leonard and Penny situation though. I feel like they’ve lead the audience to think they’re okay with it, but really I don’t think they will be.That is just my opinion though!

    1. I agree with you about Leonard and Penny. I wish I didn’t because I really like them and want them to stay together and be happy and mature about their relationship. I have a feeling that one of them will meet someone else while Leonard is gone and I’m kind of guessing that it will be Leonard.

      I could be completely wrong and I hope I am. I think some of my tv shows this season have made me pessimistic about on-screen couples.

      Thank you for commenting!

      1. I wish I didn’t think that either! I agree, it’ll be Leonard because of the way they’ve evolved Penny as a character!

        However yeah, I hope I’m wrong!
        I’m excited to see what they do with Raj and his relationship status!

        That’s alright! I liked your review!

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