Finale Review: Elementary

Episode Title: The Woman/Heroine

Renewal Status: Renewed for season two

Pre-finale Thoughts: I have really enjoyed the first season of this show although it has absolutely nothing to do with the cases, even the Moriarty arc. I watch this show for the interactions between Sherlock and Joan. It was apparently a season for strong male-female friendships and their’s is one of the best. Their relationship has grown and evolved from the first episode in a way that feels completely natural. They have both helped the other grow as individuals and as such, it has made their relationship stronger. I love that there isn’t even a hint of romantic tension between them because that’s not what they need from each other. 

That being said, I do enjoy when procedural shows use season-long story arcs so I was happy to see one emerge this season with Moriarty. They have been some of the strongest episodes of the season and it has also provided a lot of insight into Sherlock as a character. 

The twist at the end of the penultimate episode made me really excited for the finale. I wanted to see how the reveal that Irene was actually alive would affect Sherlock and what that meant for Moriarty.

Finale Thoughts: This episode didn’t disappoint. The flashbacks of Sherlock meeting and falling for Irene were wonderfully acted. Johnny Lee Miller and Natalie Dorner have fantastic chemistry together. Which was then made all the more devastating when we found that that Irene was actually Moriarty. It was a twist that had been speculated online, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to me, but that didn’t stop me feeling Sherlock’s surprise as he came to the realization. 

Once again though, Sherlock and Joan’s relationship was the best part of the episode for me. From small moments like Sherlock insisting that he’d never ask Joan to leave her home for Irene to larger moments like him naming the new species of bee after her, it is clear how much he respects and genuinely cares for her. This episode really highlighted that these are two people who have become better because of each other and I love seeing relationships like that one television. 

Hopes for Season Seven: I would like for the core of the series to continue being about Sherlock and Joan’s relationship. I especially want the writers to keep to their early promises that this will never be a romantic relationship. We didn’t see any evidence of romance his season, I just don’t want the network to interfere to try to get better ratings. 

I would like a new season-long arc. I know Moriarty is a classic Holmes villain but I want to see what the writers can come up on their own. I’ve always been less concerned with the show sticking closely to the original canon than others though so I don’t mind them branching out with the cases.


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