Finale Review: Modern Family

Episode Title: The Bon Voyage Reaction

Renewal Status: Renewed for season five

Pre-finale Thoughts: Modern Family is the type of show that I watch every week and then never think about the episode again. I always enjoy it when it’s on, it’s just not one of my favorites. This season was no exception to that. I’m reasonably happy with everything that’s going on. To be more precise, I’m not upset about anything, although Manny is starting to wear on me a bit. It’s just a pleasant show to watch for 30 minutes. 

Finale Thoughts: This was a good episode. It didn’t set up much for next season nor where there a lot of issues to resolve in this season but it still felt like a finale. Alex’s speech at the funeral and everyone’s reactions were really sweet. It was a fun episode that still managed to be touching, which is what Modern Family excels at.  

Hopes for Season Five: I would like more of whatever this show does that makes me enjoy it so much while it’s on. 


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