Yet Another Show Canceled Too Soon: Bunheads Edition

Television history is filled with shows that were canceled too soon – Firefly, Pushing Daisies, and Better Off Ted to name a few. Today, Bunheads joined that list. 

Bunheads was undeniably an Amy Sherman-Palladino show. It was set in a small, quirky town, everybody spoke quickly, there were lots of pop culture references, and plenty of appearances from stars of Gilmore Girls.

More than just the comfort and familiarity of an Amy Sherman-Palladino show, there was something else that made this show stand out to me. It was a show about relationships between women. There was the relationship between the four young girls, the transition from jealousy and confusion to genuine (if somewhat veiled) affection between Trudy and Michelle, the complicated relationship between Fanny and Michelle that eventually grew into respect and genuine friendship, and of course, the highlight of the series, the mentoring friendship between Michelle and the girls. Those shows don’t come around too often, especially with as little relationship focus as this one had. 

Then of course, there was the dancing. I love what it added to the show. I loved watching the girls dance in class and I especially loved when Michelle joined in. The high point of the show’s dance focus was the ending of episode 6. 

I absolutely love the choreography for this routine. I also really love that it somehow works really well in context with Sasha’s arc. The dance wasn’t just a quirky gimmick for the show, it was worked into the architecture of who these characters were and what they had to say. 

I will always wish that we’d gotten more episodes but I’m glad we got what we did. Like the too-soon canceled shows that came before it, some show is better than no show. 


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