Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Lucky 7

Airs: Tuesdays on ABC at 10:00 EST

Timeslot Competition: Person of Interest (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)

Premise: When a group of 7 gas station workers win the lottery, they realize that money doesn’t solve all their problems but rather creates new ones.

Pre-show Thoughts: Based on the trailer, I was interested enough to look forward to the pilot but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel from there. I think it’s a unique premise for a show – it’s certainly different than other current shows. It should be a show that’s very much about the characters and how they adapt to their new situation, which should be appealing to me. I think my feelings about the show will be largely about how well they make me connect with the characters in the pilot.

Post-show Thoughts: I’m gonna go against what seems to be the general opinion about this show. I really liked it. I like the characters and I want good things for them. I think the fake robbery plot is kind of strange and unnecessarily dramatic but I can overlook that.

It’s unfortunate that I liked this show, since the ratings were pretty awful and I’m not convinced it’ll manage to air all of its episodes. Until it gets pulled off the air though, I will make room in my schedule for it.


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