Fall 2013 Pilot Review: The Crazy Ones

Airs: Thursdays on CBS at 9:00 PM EST

Timeslot Competition: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Glee (FOX), Sean Saves the World (NBC), Reign (CW)

Premise: Simon Roberts (Robin Williams) is a talented advertising executive who works with his tightly-wound daughter Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Pre-show Thoughts: I don’t know that I want to watch Robin Williams every week but I want to like this show. I like Sarah Michelle Gellar and in theory, anyway, I like Robin Williams. That being said, I like him best when he’s not being over-the-top goofy like I think he has the potential to be in this show.

Post-show Thoughts: I’m sold. Robin Williams is just the right amount of silly and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ability for rapid dialogue come together beautifully into something I really enjoyed. Their father/daughter chemistry is good and there was a decent balance of humor and heart.

I was pretty much already sold by this point but “Drive Through Lovin'” cracked me up. It instantly endeared me to Zachary and I can’t wait to see more of him and the other employees.


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