Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Betrayal

Airs: Sundays on ABC at 10:00 EST

Timeslot Competition: The Mentalist (CBS), Sunday Night Football (ABC)

Premise: Sara Hayward begins an affair with Jack McAllister, which gets more complicated when their families end up in opposing sides of a murder trial.

Pre-show Thoughts: Neither the summary nor the trailer did a single thing for me. The summary is extremely soapy, which I have no problem with but the trailer didn’t even seem like it was going to be fun and soapy. It seems overly convoluted with the additional trial plot and overall just not very interesting to me.

Post-show Thoughts: For a primetime soap, I found this show extremely dull. Neither the murder trial, the affair, or how Sara ends up shot is particularly interesting to me. My largest complaint is the complete lack of chemistry between the various members of the cast. I didn’t feel the sort of spark that seems necessary for a show about a complicated affair. I also wasn’t able to feel at all interested in any of the characters.

This isn’t a show I will be watching this year and I understand why the ratings haven’t been very good. To me, it’s just not an interesting show.


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