Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Sean Saves the World

Airs: Thursdays on NBC at 9:00 EST

Timeslot Competition: The Crazy Ones (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Glee (FOX), Reign (CW)

Premise: Sean (Sean Hayes) is a divorced, gay dad who is attempting to find the right work-family balance after his teenage daughter moves in with him.

Pre-show Thoughts: I liked Sean Hayes as Jack on Will and Grace and even though the trailer was slightly cringe-worthy at times, I think the show could have potential. It may take awhile to find it’s footing, but I was tentatively excited about watching it.

Post-show Thoughts: I really want to like this show but I don’t think I do. I kind of like the scenes with Sean and his daughter but I’m not as convinced that I like the scenes with his mom and I don’t like his boss at all. Megan Hilty felt a little off for the role, but I know she was added in later so in a few episodes, I think they’ll get her characterization down.

It’s not a great show by any means but there is something that I find charming about it. It may not be high on my list of shows I have to watch weekly, but I think it is one I’d like to continue with, at least for a couple more episodes.


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