Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Super Fun Night

Airs: Wednesdays on ABC at 9:30 EST

Timeslot Competition: Criminal Minds (CBS), The X Factor (FOX), Law and Order: SVU (NBC), The Tomorrow People (CW)

Premise: For the past 13 years, a group of three single friends has a standing “Friday Fun Night” date which undergoes some changes after Kimmie (Rebel Wilson) decides it could be different.

Pre-show Thoughts: I wasn’t really that impressed by the trailer but I know so many people that loved Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect so I was curious about the show. In the end, it didn’t matter than I wasn’t impressed with the trailer since the first episode to air wasn’t the pilot.

Post-show Thoughts: I think ABC made the right choice in airing the episodes out of order, even though I normally don’t like it when that happens. This is much better than the trailer made it look.

I still wasn’t particularly interested in it, unfortunately. I kind of like Kimmie and I was really proud of her in this episode but I don’t feel like I ever laughed at anything they wanted me to laugh at.

If nothing else though, this episode made me realize that I should probably watch Pitch Perfect at some point because it’s fun to watch Rebel Wilson sing. While I won’t be keeping up with this show weekly, I will listen for comments about the show to see if the humor is ever going to appeal more to me.


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