Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Reign

Airs: Thursdays on The CW at 9:00 EST

Timeslot Competition: The Crazy Ones/Two and a Half Men (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Glee (FOX), Sean Saves the World/The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)

Premise: The CW takes on the genre of historical drama with this new show about the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Pre-show Thoughts: The preview clips really didn’t catch my interest but I do have a weakness for highly dramatic teen fiction (I did watch all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl) so there is a possibility that I will enjoy the show more than I enjoyed the clips. It probably also works in my favor that I don’t know anything about Mary, Queen of Scots so accuracy won’t be a large concern of mine.

Post-show Thoughts: I found the first 10 minutes incredibly boring but it picked up a lot once Mary got to court. I actually really enjoyed this episode. I like Mary so far and while I’m disappointed that it doesn’t look like we are going to get more of her friendship with her handmaidens, I enjoyed what we did get to see in this first episode.

Sebastian is a much more interesting character than Francis, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him and his relationship with Mary.

I think I’ll like Catherine’s plotting against Mary in order to save her son. It should be interesting to watch if nothing else. It’s not too unlike Gossip Girl just set in a different time period.

Despite my initial reservations about the show, I found myself really enjoying it. I may wait to see how the second week of ratings look before deciding whether to watch it live or just wait until the season is over before watching it all at once but I’ll definitely be tuning in at some point.


One thought on “Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Reign

  1. I finally got around to watching Reign this afternoon, and I’m still unsure of what I think about the show even after watching the first episode. The only thing I’m really sure of is that I want all of their clothes 😉

    Some of the scenes I found very intriguing and fun to watch, but others either just made me anxious or seemed to move along slowly. I’m not a huge fan of the lots of back-stabbing and political plots as they mostly depress me or make me anxious, but I did really enjoy Mary’s character (and her actress, Adelaide Kane, who I already knew from Teen Wolf). Sebastian also interested me – more than Francis, who seems to blow hot and cold and be all over the place, and not super interesting – and I’m intrigued by where they’re going to take his and Mary’s relationship. Also, I’m assuming the person who helped Mary is either a pariah of the court and is kept locked up, or (what I think is more likely) she is one of those ghosts the young girl told Mary about at the very beginning of the episode. I’m interested in her identity but I hope they don’t take the show in too supernatural of a direction as combining lots of supernatural elements with a historical drama sounds like an easy way to make a show seem very silly/cheesy/etc.

    I suppose overall my thoughts are that I’ll need to watch one or two more episodes to decide if I want to continue watching, but considering that I already have several shows to keep up with and this show didn’t immediately draw me in, I’m thinking I’ll probably end up dropping it.

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