Fall 2013 Pilot Review: Dracula

Airs: Fridays on NBC at 10:00 EST

Timeslot Competition: 20/20 (ABC), Blue Bloods (CBS)

Premise: Dracula moves to London on the guise of bringing them modern science but is really looking for revenge on those who have wronged him when he falls in love with a woman who may be his reincarnated wife. 

Pre-show Thoughts: I really like Katie McGrath so I at least wanted to watch the pilot for her. I wasn’t impressed by the contect of the trailer but I thought it was pretty, so I’m hoping at least for some nice cinamatography. I like supernatural shows though so this could be nice to add into my weekly shows if it’s good. The plot sounds terrible though, which is unfortunate. 

Post-show Thoughts: I can’t say I was particularly impressed by the episode. It looked nice but I tend to like shows that are shot at night or in dimmer lighting, so that was always going to appeal to me. My biggest problem with the show is that I couldn’t get past the plot. I didn’t care about the geomagnetic energy or the impact it would have on the Order of the Dragon’s wealth. Unfortunately, to keep us his ruse, it seems like that part of the plot is going to have to stay for a while. 

I also couldn’t find myself overly interested in the romance aspect. It’s a twist on a love triangle but not a very engaging one, in my opinion. The intense starting didn’t demonstrate very much chemistry between any of the people involved, nor did I particularly care about the characters enough to have an opinion about who should be together.

It was nice to see Katie McGrath again and in a role that I could easily separate from Morgana. So for her sake, I’d like the show to continue, even if I don’t watch it. 


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