Episode of the Week: October 20-October 26

There were three episodes that really stood out to me this week. There has been a lot of press about how fantastic The Good Wife has been this season and they aren’t wrong. This week’s episode focused mostly on Diane and Christine Baranski was just incredible. The ending moment with her walking into Will’s office to tell him about the 4th years leaving has made me excited for tonight’s episode all week.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine had it’s best episode since the pilot, in my opinion. I really love Andre Braugher as Captain Holt. His interactions with Jake work so well and their opposing personalities made this a fun episode to watch. I love the way that everyone worked together and how well orchestrated Jake’s plan actually was. This cast shines as an ensemble and I like when we get to see that.

The winner for the week however, was Bones, which gave us a moment that many of us have been waiting for for 9 seasons – Booth and Brennan’s wedding. It took an excruciatingly long time for them to end up in a committed relationship, not even Grissom and Sara took so long on CSI (and then they ruined that, but that’s a rant for another time). They didn’t end up with the wedding they planned, but the wedding they got was so much better. The Jeffersonian brought them together and so there could be no more perfect spot for them to get married. Like Booth said, they finally caught each other.

Emily Deschanel stole the show this week with her face during Brennan’s vows. They weren’t traditional vows but they were so Brennan. As a viewer, the fact that she wrote them 8 years ago made me sob. They showed her progression as a character since the moment she wrote them and they were still so true. Booth does frustrate her and she doesn’t always understand his irrationality but she loves him all the more for that. She understands that it’s less important to know why she’s so drawn to Booth than to accept that she is because he is her home and her constant.

And of course, we have to give a shout out to the supporting cast. Cam crying at the wedding was adorable, Angela continued to show why she and Brennan have the second best female friendship on TV, Hodgins looked overly attractive (as always) in his History of Fashion-stolen outfit, and we got to see almost all of the squinterns together. All of these made this episode of Bones incredibly emotionally satisfying for the viewers who have been anxiously awaiting this moment. Finally, they can stop chasing each other and just be happy.


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