Episode of the Week: October 27th-November 2nd

October 27th was an incredible night for television. On ABC, Revenge delivered another entertaining episode and Once Upon a Time showed a new side of Hook. On Showtime, Michael Sheen gave a heartbreaking performance at the end of Masters of Sex. And finally on CBS, The Good Wife had the best episode of the 2013-2014 TV season to date.

Any other week, Masters of Sex would have won for the final scene alone and the fact that Allison Janney made her first appearance on the show. This was not any ordinary week. It’s rare that a show in its 5th season creates quite as spectacular an episode as The Good Wife. The writing was strong and the performances were all fantastic.

There are so many scenes that can be singled out to explain why the episode was so good. There was Will’s immediate reaction with Alicia, with all of Josh Charles intensity and the moment Alicia got fed up and started kicking ass. There was a visible change in her demeanor when Will fired her and I give Juliana Margulies so much credit for the added physicality in that scene.

Then there was the fallout of the news with all of the firings and the board meeting. David Lee being the guy we all love to hate as he gleefully called clients to get them to stay with the firm and went around firing the 4th years and the heartbreaking Will and Alicia scene at the elevator.

The phone call between Will and Peter was one of the two best scenes of the episode for me.  They have such a complicated relationship, seeing at they are in love with the same women, and their animosity during the call was palpable. Their fight was something that has needed to happen for a while and it was so satisfying to watch.

My other favorite scene of the episode was when Alicia was leaving the courtroom and David called her a Judas. I love ass-kicking Alicia and I have been waiting for seasons to see as much of that side of her as we got to see in this episode. I need this to continue all season, which I assume it will.

Then there were so many smaller moments, like Will and Alicia setting aside their current argument to talk about Grace’s phone call and Peter and Alicia having celebratory sex, that kept the episode from being too tense without any sort of relief.

It was a perfectly done episode of TV and even though I know that Breaking Bad will deservedly dominate at the Emmys next year, I need this show and cast to be heavily nominated.


One thought on “Episode of the Week: October 27th-November 2nd

  1. I’m finally catching up on my WordPress feed, and I love everything you had to say in this post. “Hitting the Fan” was an episode of TV I won’t soon forget, and I hope it’s not forgotten by critics/award committees, either. I especially hope Josh Charles finally gets some of the praise/nominations I’ve felt he’s been worthy of for a long time. His entire body of work is impressive (Have you seen Sports Night?), and I’m hopeful that this episode reminded people of just how talented he is.

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