Episode of the Week: November 17th-23rd

After a one-week break, I am back with my thoughts on the best episode of the week. This week saw the start of Almost Human, the return of Natalie Flores (America Ferrera) on The Good Wife, more heartbreak with the Bartons on Masters of Sex, more fairy-tale family connections on Once Upon a Time, a terrifying episode of Castle, all of my tears over Chicago Fire, Billy Joel songs on Glee, Joel Braverman being uncharacteristically awful on Parenthood, and two hilarious episodes of Parks and Rec.

While many shows could easily have been the best episode of the week, there were two that stood out for me. The first was Parks and Recreation, which I guest-reviewed for Nerdy Girl Notes. It was a great hour to spend with my favorite show and it cracked me up so many times.

The other winner of the week was Chicago Fire. The promos for this week’s episode were intense (and rather misleading) and I knew that I was going to end up crying over it because that’s what I do with this show. Unlike most weeks, the episode revolved around a central case, which on its own would still have made for an engaging hour of television. Where this show really shines, however, is in the character moments. The best example of this came when Chief Boden and Peter were trapped in a building and essentially, prepared to die in an explosion. Despite Chief’s orders, his house refused to give up on him and found a way to rescue them any way. It really brought out the chosen family aspect of the show, which is what drew me in in the first place.

This show has done an amazing job making me care about all of these characters so much. I was proud of Gabby for the good work she did as an EMT, I was proud of Hermann for taking the lieutenant’s exam again, I was proud of Severide for meeting his half-sister, and I was proud of and heartbroken for Casey having to say goodbye to his best friend’s sons (who he had been raising while their mom was in jail). The best shows are the ones that make you feel the most and this show deserves more recognition than it gets for the great job it does.

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