Episode of the Week: November 24th-30th

This week on TV, Will and Alicia faced off on their first case on The Good Wife, Bill made Gini feel unimportant on Masters of Sex, Kennex and Dorian showed off their partnership on Almost Human, the precinct was adorable with a baby on Castle, Ichabod found ut he had a son on Sleepy Hollow, How I Met Your Mother was done entirely in rhyme, the 9-9 precinct celebrated Thanksgiving on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, everyone attempted camping on New Girl, Cruz got engaged to Otis’s cousin on Chicago Fire, and Blaine made everyone puppet versions of themselves on Glee.

My choice for Episode of the Week is a little unusual this time around because I really didn’t enjoy the episode that much. It certainly wasn’t my favorite of the week (that would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine) or the best of the week (Masters of Sex, largely due to Caitlin FitzGerald’s brilliant acting). Instead, my choice for this week’s episode is How I Met Your Mother. It was a gimmicky episode, to be sure, but they actually framed the gimmick well.

The episode featured 3 separate stories about Ted, Robin, and Barney respectively, told in rhyme to keep Marvin asleep. I was really impressed for the first story and then I got tired of the gimmick but I applaud them for going for it. It can’t have been an easy episode to write and I feel like the writers deserve a lot of credit for this episode as do the actors. It won’t be my favorite episode of the season but so far, it’s been the most original.

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