Episode of the Week: December 1st-December 7th

As TV begins to wind down for 2013, I had fewer shows than usual to watch this week but there were so many good moments. Henry was (kind of) rescued on Once Upon a Time, Stockard Channing’s presence made a fantastic episode of The Good Wife even better, Margaret found out that Bill is gay on Masters of Sex, Barney threw Robin a surprise Canada-themed rehearsal dinner on How I Met Your Mother, Terry and Boyle saved the day on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dawson and Shay finally made up on Chicago Fire, Detective Bell broke Sherlock (and the viewers’) heart on Elementary, and Brennan related beautifully to a physicist whose daughter was killed on Bones.

For as good as those moments were, there was only one possible choice for this post. All of the praise for The Good Wife this season has been so deserved. It went from a show that I almost dropped last season to one of the highlights of my TV-viewing week. This week’s episode was their 100th episode and midseason finale and it nearly matched the sheer perfection that was “Hitting the Fan” a few weeks ago.

I know that there only a very slim chance that Josh Charles will even be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama when award season comes around again because that is such an overpopulated category but if they wanted to invent some other category just for him, I would not complain at all. His chemistry will Juliana Marguiles is truly electric and there was so much of it in this episode. From their flashback to happier times to the interrogation scenes (both imagined and real), they both just shone. Will showed some vulnerability over what happened with Alicia for the first time since “Hitting the Fan” and I loved it. He is so angry and hurt and the use of the fantasy interrogation was the perfect way to show that.

Juliana Marguiles also did some of her best work in this episode. I have loved this kick-ass Alicia that we’ve seen in recent weeks and her work during the actual interrogation scene was a perfect show of strength from her. She was so different from the way Will imagined she would be and so was able to surprise him and hurt  his case instead of helping it.

On top of their brilliant work, Stockard Channing just makes everything better and I need more of Veronica sparring with Jackie in the future. Finally, Alan Cumming provided the best comedic relief of the evening with his spit-take reaction to the name of Marilyn’s future child. It was just a fantastic episode of TV and a great way to end the first half of this season.


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